Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes makes art accessible through workshops, lectures, and an artist residency. We sell the tools to create art and we inspire through our thoughtfully sourced collection of art and utilitarian objects.

Little Paper Planes is a company founded in December of 2004 by Kelly Lynn Jones and started off initially as an online shop. With this shop Jones sought to create a platform from which she and her friends, who had just graduated from art school, could present and sell their work to a wider audience. However, as the number of artist-participants grew over time, it became clear that Little Paper Planes had grown up to become a broad-ranging community, composed of both the circle of artists themselves, as well the people who love and support their art. It seemed the natural progression of this growing inertia was to facilitate dialogues and awareness around Contemporary art between both the artists and public alike. As of May 2013, LPP opened a physical location in San Francisco which has enabled the company to provide more opportunities in the space including a residency program. The LPP+ Residency is located at the Minnesota Street Studios in the Dogpatch.

In September 2017 LPP built out the back of the store to create the LPP Workshop where weekly classes are held. In 2018 an after school program for children will start as well as other ongoing classes to support the creative practice.

In business since December, '04
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